When it comes to running a business, we all face our daily doubts and challenges. One way we deal with this is by looking at our peers. How do they deal with identical issues? What solutions have worked well for them?  

I mean, there is so much we can learn from each other, so what better way for us than to let other companies do the talking and let them tell you how they make ProWorkflow work for their business in a case study.

Meet Planmark Design Studio from Tampa

About a year ago, the guys from Planmark Design Studio in Tampa, Florida discovered a gap in the market.  The demand for an experienced small-scaled architectural business with full focus on the needs of homeowners and local builders was high. They had over 20 years of experience in the building industry under their belt, so they decided they were the right people for the job. 

Today, Planmark Design Studio develops residential designs for custom homes, renovations, subdivisions and multifamily product needs. The company firmly puts its customers at the center of their service. Whoever works in the building industry knows that unpredictability and complexity are unescapable. But Planmark firmly promises their customers nothing less than a phenomenal result. And they deliver true to their word. 

The search for the perfect project management software

One way Planmark was looking to streamline and optimize the process, was through the involvement of a project management software.  The main goal was to take the complexities that come with the industry out of the day to day focus. 

The project management software had to tick a few boxes: 

·     Project scheduling

·     Resource scheduling

·     Business development

·     Easy collaboration

·     Budget management

·     QuickBooks online integration

Several solutions passed the revue and where trialed, but it was ProWorkflow the company eventually settled on. 

ProWorkflow is the pick of the bunch

The reason for the ProWorkflow choice was that Proworkflow exceeded the requirements. Michael from Planmark especially liked that unlike some of the other options they looked at, processes were not time consuming with Proworkflow. In the end, the idea of a project management software is that it should make a job easier, not harder. 

We can see the burn rates, quote amount, schedule & progress all on the project details page instead of having to run reports or flipping to multiple pages as we experienced in other solutions. The free training was the cherry on top.

Invoicing and Gantt Charts

Michael finds it easy how Proworkflow allows them to create quotes very quickly, then turn those quotes into projects, then into invoices. The invoices sync back and forth with QB Online. This is a new workflow for Planmark, but it has been seamless. As long as they follow the process, there are no outstanding quotes or no work that is not getting invoiced. The company is very aware that inaccurate invoicing can easily sink a business.

They also like the Gantt view timelines because it’s very easy to alter task due dates on the fly when priorities change. 

We always have a view of the resource allocations in the timeline view so when we are shifting tasks, we always know what our daily allocations are. Staying within the budget has also been easy since it gives us real time budget burn rates right on the project details page. We never had this sort of capability in the past!

The final verdict

8 months after their initial sign-up, Michael is still a big fan of ProWorkflow. 

ProWorkflow has taken the complexity out of our day to focus on our projects. Some of the other solutions had some great-looking pie charts and graphs readily available on the dashboard. They looked good. However, they were so time consuming that we would likely have needed a full-time administrator to manage the day-to-day operation. With Proworkflow, we have exactly what we need with just a small time investment every week.

 Feeling inspired? 

At ProWorkflow, we really want our clients to get the most out of the features and the options we have available.  Do you feel inspired by the Planmark Design Studio experience?  Our friendly support team can show you how to save time and grow your business today. Just book a time that is convenient for you and we’ll help you with your own ProWorkflow success story. 

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