Roadmaps in project management: Tools you can use

When you are planning a cross-country jaunt, road maps are a critical piece of gear. They show you where you are going, attractions along the way, possible areas of danger, and suggest logical places for a stop or a break. They don’t show every single road, exit, or crossroads you will pass, but they give […]

Bottlenecks in project management: What they are and how to avoid them?

If you are a project manager or anyone shepherding a project through a company workflow, a bottleneck can be a major pain in the neck. If one occurs at a critical time in your project’s timeline, it can be even worse than a pain: It can derail the entire project, threatening to erase hours of […]

5 tips to improve your project management in 2021

Project management drives many organizations, and if your project management skills are weak your entire team and even your bottom line could be suffering. Project management tools and skills are what holds your team together, guides you toward goals, keeps you on budget, keeps you on schedule, drives positive results, and keeps you on track […]

Top 5 Tips For Managing Deadline Projects

Staying on schedule and meeting your deadlines is critical for departmental operation, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. But what do teams do when there are competing deadlines or deadlines that seem impossible to meet? Effective deadline management is the process of organizing, prioritizing and planning workloads within a limited timeframe that lets your team […]

7 Ways to Level Up Your Project Management Skills in 2021

If you are looking for ways to enhance your career as a project manager, then this article is for you. In it, you will discover 7 ways to level up your project management skills in all the common areas for improvement, including communication, leadership, relationships, time management, delegation, and more. Without further ado, let’s dive […]

5 Ways To Spark More Collaboration Between A Remote Working Team

It can be hard for teams not working in the same space to collaborate effectively. But with more and more workplaces shifting to a remote workstyle permanently, even post-COVID, it’s important employers work to encourage effective collaboration no matter where colleagues are physically located. Rather than accept nothing is as good as face-to-face collaboration, managers […]

Workflow Ideas for Creating a Mobile App

Mobile apps are now easier than ever to make, and there are tons of app-building programs which make the app creation process simple — simple, that is, once you have a vision for the app and have created a methodical workflow to take your app from idea to reality. Creating a workflow before you start […]

Top Tips to Nail the Project Kick-off Meeting

There seems to be a consensus that kick-off meetings are rather important to bring a project to a successful end. We agree. A good start to the project is the most important thing you can do, to nail a project.  Typically, you’ll find a list of steps you need to tick off during the Kick-off […]

How to keep your Client Happy during a Project ?

As a project manager you definitely wear a lot of hats.  As if the daily juggle of keeping your project on target, on budget and on spec isn’t enough, you also have a client to keep in the happy corner. It really doesn’t matter if you tick all the other boxes, if your client doesn’t […]