What is agile project management?

When it comes to methods of managing work, there are dozens of options to choose from. In recent years, agile has gained prominence and is widely seen as a good fit for many types of teams. What is agile project management? Agile project management is an approach that was developed for software development projects. It […]

What a Year It Was – And 2022 Will Be Even Better

We wish all of our customers a wonderful and happy holiday season and new year. 2021 was certainly a challenging, exciting year, and as a company we grew in profound ways and met challenges head one. Now, we will take what we have learned in the past few years and apply it to creating an […]

What is project execution and what is it purpose?

Your task has a long list of to-do, but project execution may be the most important line item on it. Project execution is the phase in a project’s life cycle where everything in the project plan is put into action and the actual work is performed. It is the result of and comes after project […]

Bottlenecks in project management: What they are and how to avoid them?

If you are a project manager or anyone shepherding a project through a company workflow, a bottleneck can be a major pain in the neck. If one occurs at a critical time in your project’s timeline, it can be even worse than a pain: It can derail the entire project, threatening to erase hours of […]

What is Project Management Software?

It seems like everywhere you go today you are hearing about project management – also sometimes called “PM” – software. That’s not by accident: Increasing demands on teams, shortened deadlines, and remote employees and work-from-home mandates have made creating a way to organize tasks online an imperative. But the benefits of project management software go […]

What is PMO in project management?

As your company scales, you may find that adding a PMO can help streamline your operations and improve efficiency. PMO stands for project management office. Project management offices are in charge of creating and maintaining project documentation. This office also extends this capability by collating best practices, tracking metrics, and offering training. As large projects […]

How to Start an Overwhelming Project?

Have you ever been asked what your favorite part of being a project manager is? We’re guessing that you’ll answer that no two projects are the same. The people involved in your project change all the time. You constantly learn new things and everything has its ups and downs. I think it’s fair to say that […]

Working from Home at ProWorkflow-Jono’s Story

We’re a few weeks into the lockdown in New Zealand and in some ways not much has changed for me. I already worked from home 3 days a week, my team is still continuing to develop the product and support our customers just like we always have. However, in other ways, everything has changed, the […]

When a Kanban Board and Project Management are a great match.

It’s a matter of weeks until we can start trumpeting about the new ProWorkflow Kanban Board. The vibe we are getting is that many of our clients are just as excited about this as we are.  So in anticipation to the big day, we thought it was a good idea to have a look at […]

Working from Home at ProWorkflow-Ashlee’s Story

Just like so many of you, the ProWorkflow Team is currently working from home. And just like for most of you, at times, the transition is an interesting one. We hope Ashlee’s story will put a smile to your face.  5.30am–Silence. 7.30am–Kids wake up.  7.40am–Kids want to help me work.  7.45am–Pass kids to husband.   Thankfully […]