What is project execution and what is it purpose?

Your task has a long list of to-do, but project execution may be the most important line item on it. Project execution is the phase in a project’s life cycle where everything in the project plan is put into action and the actual work is performed. It is the result of and comes after project […]

What is work management and does my company need it?

Work management is gaining traction in the business world as leaders look to create more efficient and holistic approaches to project management. If you are looking to accomplish tasks faster, with less stress, and with greater accuracy, work management is not necessarily better than project management, but does entail a different set of tools for […]

5 Tips to Managing Remote High Performing Teams

Successfully managing remote teams comes down to everyone knowing their role and playing it effectively. But, studies show that the majority of people at work don’t understand what’s expected of them, which often leads to higher stress levels and poor productivity in both individuals and teams. If you want to overcome this challenge, setting clear […]

12 CRM Trends to Know in 2021

                     Source CRM is a competitive and fast-expanding space. In the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion of CRM platforms – a trend that is set to reach a market size of $113.5 billion by 2027. Everyone is talking about the essential role CRM plays in propelling companies […]

Top tips for using Microsoft Teams for project management and communication

One year into the pandemic, you’ve probably found yourself on at least one Microsoft Teams meeting. Teams is the broad-use communication tool which has been used to unite remote teams. The free feature has a 100-participant capacity, meetings up to an hour long, screen sharing, and more. The paid versions—and there are several of them—can […]

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Login Process

Online security is becoming ever more important as more of our work moves online. Scammers can use phishing emails and other methods to try and get users’ login credentials and gain access to sensitive data in your ProWorkflow account. Two factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra level of security makes it much harder for someone […]

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Coming to ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is working hard to improve our security procedures for all account plans. This means that after September 20th, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can be added to your account as an extra layer of security at no extra cost. What is 2FA In short, 2FA means that after entering a username and password, you will […]

Custom Fields just got a lot more customizable! 

We’ve had custom fields in our Advanced Plan for a long time, they’ve been a great way to track extra information for your Projects but they were also limited to just a list of options and that meant they didn’t always offer the flexibility customers needed.  In today’s release we’ve given custom fields the freedom they’ve been […]

An Update with Guaranteed Approval

It’s always a highlight for our development team when we get to demo new features to customers and everyone loves what they’re seeing.   This update brings a much-demanded feature in the form of Timesheet Approvals! Keep on reading to see just how easy it is to use this game-changing update (and if timesheets aren’t your thing then stick around for the […]