We knew when we released the Projects board in February that our Tasks board would be where the real action was! We’ve spent two months listening to your feedback, taking the best bits from the Projects board, rolling in some new features and today we’re ready to share the Tasks board with you! 

A New View 

You’ll find the new board view within the Tasks section on the Project Details page, it’s available for all Staff users. Each task is represented by a simplified card view highlighting key information. Your tasks will start off in the “Unallocated” list ready for you to give them a new home! 

Your Project your Flow 

Within the board view you can add lists, reorder them and most importantly move your Tasks between them. If you want to add a list in hurry, just double-click where you want the new list to be added! 

If your Projects are very similar then you can set up Default Task Lists in the Settings area and in just one click you can add them to any Project. 

Tag you’re it! 

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed something else new, you can now add Tags to your Tasks! Hop into the Settings area and don’t forget to pick some colors to add some visual flair to your Tasks. 

Once you’ve got some Tags set up, it’s time to put them to work! You can click the Tag icon from the Tasks page or Project Details page to assign Tags or just double-click an existing Tag on a Task. 

Save time, use shortcuts 

With the new Tags, we’ve added a quick way to toggle them on/off. Just hover over a Task and press 1-9 to assign/remove Tags (based on their order in your list). 

It doesn’t stop there though, with the tap of the space bar you can now join or leave a Task in one keystroke! 

Drag & drop to stay on top 

For a final flourish, it’s now possible to drag contacts between Tasks! This also gives you a super quick way to remove someone from a Task, just drop their avatar in the trash! 

What’s next? 

At the moment, Task Lists are only visible on the Project Details page whilst Task Tags are also visible on the Tasks Page. We’ll be bringing them to Reports in the near future as we know you’re going to want to see this information across all of your Tasks once you see how powerful Lists and Tags are! 

If you have been looking at Tags and you can feel your Projects getting jealous, don’t worry as we’ll be rolling out Tags for them soon!