Retention. Defined as: The continued possession, use, or control of something.

Well not exactly, but we transformed them into our Customer Success Team.

Our goal isn’t to keep our customers forever but have them enjoy their time with us regardless of how long they stay. No longer are we trying to possess or control our customers, but engage with them and their business in becoming their customer success manager.

What is Engagement?

Engagement is actions without an ulterior motive. It’s about having an aim to give your customer true benefits when using your product or service.

Your motive shouldn’t be about whether users cancel or leave, but focus on engaging them with your product or service and make them see the benefits in ways where they won’t want to cancel!

When we engage our customers, we can foster a stronger brand, growth, and credibility. It may sound emotional, but it really is a sensitive involvement and commitment to your customers.

Here are our three C’s to engagement. Consistency, Commitment, Connection:


Consistency breeds trust, its keeps the customer journey consistent and allows your users to align an experience with your brand.

Often “retention” teams focus on those with larger accounts and forget to nurture and look after those who are small. Which should be just as valuable, you never know when some of the smallest accounts could grow and become your largest.


When a business scales there is often a lapse in communication, and we forget to be real people behind the screen. I’m not saying hire a hundred people to be there on standby, but instead personalize the experience, allowing your customers to communicate to you.

Let’s illustrate this, at ProWorkflow we commit to being real people behind the screen/phone; we give customers a direct line versus handing out a general line which someone may respond too.


Sometimes retention isn’t just talking about yourself and telling your customers what you do, but in fact learning about their business and showing how you fit into the picture with them.

It’s about genuinely trying to getting involved in the discovery process of what they’re after. When the customer feels how invested you are into them and their business this enables you to continue a long-term connection with them making your business stand out from the crowd.

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