If you’re a ProWorkflow customer, you probably have noticed that ProWorkflow has undergone a few changes. Our most recent release was the culmination of weeks, months and even years of development work, team spirit and a LOT of coffee!

For our clients, the result is even more exciting.  On the one hand, there is a refresh of the user interface that makes ProWorkflow a joy to work with. But we also have some long-anticipated Reports updates. 

Do I hear some hoorays? 

So what’s the big deal?  

In the end, what matters is this: How are these new reports going to help you and your company?  

·      Our ProWorkflow reports can handle vast amounts of data. I mean lots and lots of data. If project management reporting for your company used to be a wretched process in the past, you can now rejoice.  

·      Running and exporting reports, even large ones, has become very fast.

·     Our reports have become very customizable.  We are very aware that every company is special, so now you can make reports that are as unique as you are.

Max, who has been very involved in testing the V9 update, sums it up perfectly: 

‘ You can really cut down on the fluff and get the data that is most useful to you’

Plenty of options

At ProWorkflow, we really value our clients and we listen to everything you tell us.

Over the years, you have talked to us about your specific needs and your suggestions for improvement. We considered this feedback, weighed it up, prioritized and ultimately included it in the new reports.  We’re already working on more features that you’ll see really soon, but for now let’s recap some of the improvements we think you will love most.

1.    More Reports

We had a close look at the reports our clients use the most and how they use them. The next step was turning these into standard reports that are readily available at a click of the button. Time is precious to all of us, so these built-in reports give you key information in just a couple of clicks.

2.    Apply Filters- lots of them

But we know ‘standard’ should be nobody’s middle name. For more specific information, you can gather detailed reports by using the filter on the sidebar. Popular options are Staff, Category and Status, but the list of possibilities is almost endless. The more information you have, the better you can guide your company on the road to success. That’s what the filters are all about.

Report filters
You can filter reports to customize even further.

3.    Customizing and sharing Reports 

But not only is there the option of using filters to create the reports that work for you. Use the Layout Icon on the sidebar to build reports by dragging and dropping variables in and out of the report.  Give them your own creative name and share them with your team.  It’s project management reporting on your terms. Easy as one-two-three. 

The Layout Tab is proving very popular.

The result is a highly customized report with data that is a 100% useful to you and as detailed as you want it to be. 

Our reports are easily exported in PDF or Excel with just a couple of clicks. Look out for the email and scheduling function that will be added soon. 

And what about your old reports? 

We understand, we love the classics here at ProWorkflow too! Our support team can help you migrate your existing reports so just get in touch!

Let us know what you think.

New releases and updates also mean getting used to changed features and different ways of doing things.

So let us know how you are finding the new reports. We want to know about features or options you would like to see, but we definitely want to hear your cheers too. 

Also check out our ‘How to use the new project management reports’ blog for more tips and tricks on how to use the new reports.  For any questions you may have, please contact our support team. They love helping you out with a smile and it’s free!