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By tracking time, you can understand how you are spending your hours at work. Time is one of the most important and scarce resources in any business, and it is essential for the company to know where this time is being spent.

Often when we think of time tracking, we think of tedious manual entry into a spreadsheet, but with advances in technology and the existence of purpose-driven software like ProWorkflow – time tracking has never been easier! Let me highlight some of the benefits of time tracking:

Operational Insight

Time tracking can be an eye-opener for the business as it gives you insight and reflection on how much time is spent doing work and how much time is spent browsing the web or digging through files. Over time, you can even begin developing realistic, accurate time expectations on given task sets, allowing you to accurately plan for future projects. Insight to all this data allows management to make appropriate changes to how an ideal work process should look.

Transparency and Productivity

When you track time, not only do you give those in the business an idea of where your time is spent and what you’ve been working, but you also allow for management to reflect and decide whether or not too much time is being spent in a specific department or project – allowing management to control their resources better.

This is all valuable information for both the team members and management as it allows the business to self-reflect and better allocates resources to maximise productivity.

Cost Efficiency

As previously said, when you can track time towards your projects and tasks this gives us a view of where we are spending most our time, and plan around time sinks in future. As the sayings go, time is money and knowledge is power, so why not take advantage of both of these principles and engage in something that will make your business better?

Tracking time can become a painful task; why not try ProWorkflow, we’ve made time powerful time tracking look and feel easy!



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