When I search using the keywords “value” and “work” on the world wide web what I come across quite often are articles like “How do I increase my value as an employee, “8 ways to be a more valuable employee” or “Fifteen ways to show your value at work.”

But do we ever consider what value work brings us, as human beings?

If you’re the average person like me, you’ll most likely be spending five days a week, 8 hours a day at your job. That totals to… a lot of hours that you spend at work. If we are spending a significant amount of time at work, then we might as well reap the benefits work can provide us.

I am a firm believer that you get what you give. So remember to give, but also to take what you can from your job; or else are you really enjoying the fruits of your labor?

Whether it’s learning a new skill, upskilling, building confidence or meeting life-changing people, the list is endless and I’m certain that you are not the same person you were the first day you walked through the doors into your new job. In fact, you should have developed personally and/or professionally.

Our jobs should mold us in some shape or form into a better version of ourselves, whether it’s from our colleagues, our mentors, our boss of even our clients.

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