At ProWorkflow we’re always looking at ways to improve the tool and we’re passionate about giving our users a better user experience.

Reporting is one of our most widely accessed areas of ProWorkflow. So we wanted to make our reporting function even easier and more flexible to use.

This will be more than just a redesign, our team of developers has been working hard under the hood to enhance the engine of our product, making it even greater!

What to expect?


The overall look of the reports will have a fresh face, be more modern and you’ll be able to easily find the reports you’re after.


We’ve added a collection of new features to the reports to help you work faster and smarter.

Overall, a whole lot quicker!

We’ve spent a lot of time under the hood to really refine the performance and reliability of the tool. Generating reports will be a whole lot quicker, saving you time!

We’re still continuing to work hard on the tool, and should be out soon for beta testing.

Got a question? The team at ProWorkflow are happy to help!