How to manage Scope Creep in Project Management

Scope Creep is the stuff Project Management nightmares are made of. Project Managers don’t like scope creep because it makes the project and everything that goes with it (budget, resources, client expectations, timeline, etc.) utterly unpredictable.  What is Scope Creep?  PMI defines scope creep as ‘Adding additional features or functions of a new product, requirements, or work that is not […]

Scope Creep in Project Management & How You Can Help Manage It with Scope Statements

Scope: The overall forecasted work required to complete a project.  Scope Creep: The process of discovering mid-project that more work is required than originally agreed on. Scope creep usually starts out small, an extra element added here, a requirement change there. Initially it doesn’t seem like they could derail the project, but each of these […]