Spreadsheets, everybody knows how to use them. They’ve existed for about half a century now, but there is a time and place for them and to manage your projects isn’t one of them.

When you’re using spreadsheets, you are committing yourself to manual entry. Nothing you do will have any distinct organisation and it’s just not very intuitive.

You could continue to use spreadsheets, but as a business do you want to keep doing what you’ve always been doing? Or do you want to try something better and faster, explore new horizons, and something that will save your time and your business money?

But what don’t spreadsheets give you?


With traditional spreadsheets, they don’t allow you to liaise with other members of your team. This vital part of successful project management can collaborate with your team – to share updates and progress reports.


You lack visibility in your team’s activities, and you can only see spreadsheet updates once they’ve emailed this across to you. This means that the data you are viewing may not be up to date or might not show all the details you’re after.


Spreadsheets don’t have any processes that are dedicated to processing your information. You would need to be doing every bit of data manipulation manually and committing yourself to precious time that could be spent elsewhere.

These speed bumps in your journey to successful project management could be costing you and your team time and money. With the development of technology and use of purpose-driven software like ProWorkflow, project management has grown and evolved, and most importantly allows you to ditch the spreadsheets.


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