What’s Happening

You may be aware that ProWorkflow presently allows you to clone projects. You may also be aware that function is a little bit hard to locate, and can sometimes leave a little to be desired. To remedy this, we have rebuilt that tool, and relocated it to the main app! This means you’ll be able to recreate and repeat projects better, and faster than ever. 

The main changes lie in that we now capture a broader scope of data. Before, only Tasks and Time could be brought over from the Clone a Job app. Now, you can expect your project to be duplicated exactly, with only files, messages, quotes & invoices, and completed tasks being reset. This means you can take a project, and start it again under a different client with no hassle.

This will be especially helpful if you’re a heavy user of our Kanban Board function. 

For Advanced users, please note that the app only works with projects for ‘external’ clients. This means to copy any projects for internal clients, you’ll still require the old Lab app. 

Where do you find it?

To use this new duplication feature, you only need to go to the project details page of the project you’d like to clone, and then find the Clone button, which is located just to the right of the title.

You’ll see you have the option to change the title, what client the new project will belong to, and how the dates will be moved forward (if at all!). You’re also able to dictate what sections are included in the new version by clicking the ‘More Options’ button at the bottom of the pop-up. Then, click the Clone button and you’ll be taken to your new Projects’ page.

How do you use this new feature?

Because this clone system also takes project columns, rates, and tags into account, you could treat this ability as a new template function. If you’re a power user of the columns feature especially, this will be perfect! 

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