Using your initiative in the workplace isn’t beneficial to just yourself but also helps your company in becoming more successful as this fosters new and exciting ideas. Here’s some tips to help you take more initiative at work and let you shine in the workplace.

Think and act as a team player

Naturally, you won’t be as invested into something unless you consider it yours or you have a personal stake in it. So, it’s important to not only think of yourself as an employee but a team player. This means that when you go above and beyond for the company and succeed, your achievements of the business are as much as yours.

Speak up, share ideas!

As the saying goes, no idea is a stupid idea. There are BAD ideas but being able to speak up and share these ideas is the only way we can build on ideas we want to keep or learn what not to do. This opens up the opportunity to share and receive feedback constructively – a valuable skill that a lot of people happen to struggle with!

Stand up and be confident!

It’s all about being confident in yourself. The way you speak, behave and present yourself plays a crucial part in how you want to be perceived by your colleagues, and is vital if you’re going to shine at work! Focus and remind yourself of your strengths and build on them this way you feel confident on the inside out!

Consider every opportunity

Opportunities are hidden in every corner, and it’s up to you as to whether or not you spot them and ignore them, or act on these opportunities. It’s not enough to hope that your external environment will change, it’s about how you deal with these key situations. Be curious about the business and how it works and have an open mind to new ideas and possibilities that are just lurking around the corner.



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