In this day and age, standing out isn’t really about being wealthier or working harder than the competition, but about being bolder. More and more businesses are finding success when they can produce creative solutions to pressing problems.

Creativity is Infinite

In order to keep creative at work, we must remind ourselves that there are no boundaries to creativity. Often we are told that we’ve exhausted all options and ideas, but the only thing stopping you from discovering new and groundbreaking ideas is yourself!

Take Breaks 

Give yourself a break. Sometimes grinding away at a problem isn’t always going to produce a creative breakthrough. Allow yourself time to rest, relax and recharge, and re-approach the problem with a fresh mind.

Try the “Yes, and…” Approach

This approach is used by improvisational comedy, and encourages the acceptance of the contributions by everyone! Having a variety of perspectives works really well when it comes to being creative.

Give it a go! It’s as simple as placing a paperclip in the middle of the table and coming up with different ways you can use it. Get those creative juices flowing!

Embrace Failure

Not all ideas are going to be the perfect idea, so instead of letting failure weigh you down, choose to accept it. Accept that this is all part of the process, scrap it and start fresh!


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