“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s that time again! Time to celebrate the end of the year, bask in the joyous occasion, and spread good tidings. What a fantastic opportunity to bring the Christmas spirit to the office! Here are a few tips on how –

Office decorations

Office decorations bring pizazz to your environment, and the environment you work in plays a big part in your mood. So having a big decorated Christmas tree, throwing some tinsel around, and switching on those Christmas lights will bring a different sparkle to the office!

Christmas Music

The month leading up to Christmas is the only acceptable period to start playing Christmas music, so you might as well make the most of it! Jam out on that good old ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree’ and ‘Snoopy’s Christmas.’

Giving Tree

Christmas is that time of the year to spend it with your loved ones. For some, they are unable to provide for their loved ones and need a helping hand. So why not spread some good cheer and contribute gifts to help the community! It will not only help those in need but give you and your team a sense of generosity. Team up with a Charity, and round up the Office to fundraise or donate gifts to a Giving Tree.

Secret Santa

An excellent and fun way for everyone in your team to get a gift this Christmas is to play Secret Santa! For those of you who don’t know what Secret Santa is, you put everyone’s name into a bucket (or an online Random Name Picker), and everyone picks a name out, without telling anyone else of course! Your mission is to get them a gift on an agreed budget.

White Elephant

White Elephant is similar to Secret Santa, except your gift isn’t for anyone specific. Everyone brings in a gift, and it’s a game of swapping and stealing gifts – all in good fun of course. I recommend you Google it if you don’t know what it is!


Food brings people together. Whether it’s a Potluck, a Christmas brunch or morning tea, it’s a great way to get everyone sitting down and filling people’s bellies over casual office banter.

Christmas Party

For us here in the Southern Hemisphere, we Kiwis have a Sunny Christmas every year – so our Christmas Party will be the time to bring out our jandals, turn on the barbie, and slip-slop-slap on the sunscreen. But there are loads of Christmas Party ideas, whether indoors or outdoors, whether your team is more fitness oriented and want to spend it rock-climbing, or partying it away in a bar, or even singing Christmas carols. Having a Christmas office event is a great occasion to round up the troops, say cheers to another year done and dusted, and treat yourself and your staff to a merry time.


Holiday Ecards

Last but not least – Holiday Ecards! What better way to share the Christmas spirit than with a personalized and funky Ecard, JibJab offers hundreds of different templates for you to choose from! Check out ProWorkflow’s example!





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