With ProWorkflow‘s Calendar Page you can set events as reminders that will sync with the Calendar of your choice for that push in the right direction at exactly the right time.

You can sync with our Outlook add-on, Google Calendars, or even straight to your iPhone.

1. To get started with the integration, head to your Calendar Page under the Time tab:

Calendar Page

2. In the top right hand corner of the page you’ll see the “Subscribe” Button:


After clicking Subscribe, you’ll see two subscription options; “Events” or “General Tasks” (To subscribe to project tasks, head to the project in question).

3. Set “Events” to “Subscribed” like you see in the picture below:

Calendar integration

4. Copy the Highlighted URL and paste it into the calendar of your choosing using the instructions below:

Google Calendar


Calendar for iPhone

Now that your Calendar is synchronized it’s time to add an Event!

5. Hover over any of the days on your Calendar and you’ll see “+Add” appear in the top right hand corner:

Add Event

6. Click +Add and you’ll see the following window where you can enter all the relevant information for your event, including the time of day. Be sure to assign yourself then click “Add” to finish.

Add Event Details

This event will now synchronize with whichever calendar you use and you’ll be notified about it exactly as you like. Whether it’s an outlook notification when you’re sitting at your desk or a push notification on your iPhone while you’re out and about.

To find out more about Calendars or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!