ProWorkflow Email Signatures

With the improvements made to Email Notifications recently, you may have noticed a few new options appear in the Notifications Settings menu.

Notification settings

One of these settings – the Default Email Signature will apply to notifications sent by people who haven’t set up their own signature in My Profile

My Profile

How should I setup the Default Email Signature?

So that the signature looks like it is part of the notification, you may need to manually change text style, color and links, using the options directly above the blank space for editing.

You will also need to add any company logos using the image tool, copy and paste or drag and drop your company logo into the signature.

Why won’t my company logo appear in the Default Email Signature?

We have found that some operating systems and browsers behave differently when trying to add an image into this field.

If you could please try one of the following:

Copy image

Signature logo