What is Buoyancy?

Ever wondered how large boats weighing hundreds of tons manage to stay afloat, while small objects like pebbles sink? That’s because of something called Buoyancy. This is the upward force that keeps the object afloat regardless of the weight of the object. Now think of that upward force as a positive mindset.

Where is This Going?

Using this scientific explanation, I’m trying to describe how a positive mindset determines whether you sink or swim.

Take sales for example, you will undoubtedly receive more rejections than successful attempts. Despite the rejection, you should be pushing with an upward force to think positively, separating critical feedback with negative emotion.

As Crazy As It Sounds

Staying positive allows you to attract more positivity, it’s simply the law of attraction! It only takes 1% of negativity to impact your attitude and performance.

Making sure you remember with any situation you’re thrown into, there are going to be highs and lows. Real strength comes from being able to pull yourself up from a bad sales week (or even month) and remembering that these outcomes or numbers don’t determine what you’re capable of. This is what buoyancy is all about.

Don’t Forget

When you lack buoyancy, this starts to brew negative emotions; you aren’t able to see past the gray clouds of a bad day. Without buoyancy, people tend to carry that negative emotion on to the next month like heavy luggage.

Tomorrow hasn’t come around yet and neither has next week or next month. So you don’t know what’s coming, and all you can do in the moment is to remind yourself and reinforce the fact that you will and can do better. Aim to be the large boat that sails great distances, don’t become the small pebble that throws far but sinks to the bottom.

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