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“We chose ProWorkflow because it met our needs, which were simple to use project management system, time tracking, and integration with QuickBooks, affordable fee, and top notch support.  Our team likes the tracking features and collaborative potential of PWF.  Our admins love the ability to see projects and tasks as a whole.  We’ve been very pleased with the tool!”

Osmond Marketing is a full-service content marketing organization. Founded by Dr. Amy Osmond Cook, Osmond Marketing has five core competencies: content, PR, design, web services, and G Suite. As a Google Partner, Osmond Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of business and marketing services for clients in different industries and sizes. We have found particular success with healthcare and technology verticals.

At Osmond Marketing, we operate on the premise that the foundation of all effective marketing is great content. Using Walter Fisher’s Narrative Paradigm, we believe that people think in stories. Thus, true meaningful communication is in the form of storytelling.

From this solid foundation derives great content marketing. Whether the format is textual, visual, or multimedia—and whether the mode is traditional, digital, or both—we ensure that our content communicates effectively from a rhetorical point of view. Before each project begins, the purpose, audience, scope, schedule, and format are weighed carefully with the client to ensure that we produce superior content, every time.

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