So, we’ve had a week since our V9 update and dust is settling on our end. As a ProWorkflow user, you’ll have noticed some of the changes. Many of you contacted us with a lot of kind words of appreciation.  Honestly, it’s a real buzz to get all the positive feedback. 

One of the most noticeable ProWorkflow V9 updates involves the user interface. 

From Better to Great

Immediately after the release of the V9 update, some of our clients came back to us with some constructive feedback. Our development team worked until the early hours of the morning and just like that, they turned a great software update into an amazing update. Fair to say it impressed our clients. 

Kind words of appreciation

This is just an example of what many of you had to say: 

‘We’re enjoying the new features and look on PWF. I’ve explored the new reports as well and love the flexibility. There was a pleasant surprise this morning of a couple of new things were added, customizing columns and wrapping text. Great job, PWF.’- Dianne S

Or what about this one: 

‘I’ve been trying a lot of project management software recently, and PWF stacks up very well. The new UI is organized and sleek, and there is good use of visualization for task priorities and time tracking. I like the interface more than most software I’ve tried.’

So what’s changed?

Just in general, the entire look became a lot cleaner and lighter. It’s a lot more pleasing on the eye; But on a practical note, it’s also easier to read. 

This is thanks to: 

Time efficiency is key

One of our commitments is to make working on the ProWorkflow software incredibly time efficient. We know as a project manager you’re always short on time. So it has excited a lot of clients that some extra information is now visible on the Tasks page. It may sound simple, but you can now see the Task start date right from the Tasks page.  Also, the Tasks Archive adds the completed date. No more guesswork around start and end dates or having to jump pages. 

Likewise, you can now find Categories on the Project page by default. 

And then some pages like the Settings page and the Notes pages, are not terribly exciting by nature, but just the fact that everything looks airy and tidy, is a delight. 

Keep the feedback coming

We’re thrilled to hear that you think our new UI is a winner. But we’re not done by any means. We’ll continue to make improvements, so send us your feedback. What is it you like? What are the questions you have? What are the challenges you are facing? What are the improvements you think we should put on our list? We’re committed to taking it on board, and we’ll continue to work at making further improvements to Proworkflow.