Cloud-based services are everywhere and Project Management Software is no exception. While some people still have their reservations, there are some really convincing benefits that are hard to ignore. 

1.    Easy access anywhere in the world, on any device.  

These days, teams are not necessarily all in the same office space. They may not even be in the same country. While this may have been a serious hurdle in the past, cloud-based software means it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting right next to each other or 5,000 miles apart. 

Neither does it matter if different people are on different devices or on a different platform. A SaaS service means that no matter where team members are or what their deployment of preference is, they still can collaborate on the most updated version of the software. There simply is a lot of flexibility to accommodate individual preferences and needs. 

All that’s needed is an Internet connection and a web browser. 

2.    Sign up and you’re good to go. 

Your bank account will love SaaS applications. There are no hair pulling software installations or expensive hardware involved. All you need is a password. 

Our support team will help you with customizable settings that suit your business and they will train the team.  Not that ProWorkflow is hard to get used to. In this day and age, online software has a fairly low threshold as it is. Intuitive software makes it extra easy. An added bonus of the easy set-up is that SaaS project management software makes it very easy for potential clients to try before they buy. 

3.    Chances are you’ll save some money. 

ProWorkflow as a Saas project management software is straightforward and transparent, including from a financial point of view.

4.     Top-notch teamwork

ProWorkflow comes with teams collaboration features (e.g., messaging, document sharing) that increase productivity and make teams very efficient.

Because files are kept in shared central space, there are no more last-minute panic scrambles for that one file that you suddenly really, urgently need but have no clue where or how to find. Everybody can access it everywhere, anytime.

5.    Current data matters

Projects are in constant flux, and if there’s any rule to project management, it’s that it’s unpredictable.  This is exactly why it is important to have up to date, real-time data and reports available at your fingertips. It ensures that decisions are based on the actual real-time situation, rather than on that of a few days or even weeks ago. 

6.    There is no trade-off for security and reliability

Considering all the sensitive data that is rightly available in a project management software, top of the range security is a non-negotiable. A good SaaS project management software like ProWorkflow uses highly secure data centers and servers.  

One bonus of a cloud-based software is that inconvenient as it is, not all hell breaks loose if your hard-drive takes its final breath.  Log in on another device, change your password if your laptop gets pinched, and you’re back on track. 

7.    Integrations to make your life easy

Imagine the convenience of having different services available in one place. Cloud based software allows for a variety of integrated services doing exactly that. No need to explain the time that you’ll save.