Case Study:
ProWorkflow and Ara Institute of Canterbury

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Ara Institute of Canterbury, the largest polytechnic in the country, with six campuses and a vibrant community of 14,000 students, has been at the forefront of innovative education in New Zealand. However, managing the vast and dynamic marketing needs of such a large institution presented unique challenges, especially in coordinating projects across multiple teams and campuses. 

Ara's Needs

Enhanced project visibility and coordination

Streamlined workflows

Improved efficiency and productivity within the marketing team

Comprehensive Views


Before 2017, Ara’s marketing team struggled with visibility and efficiency in project management. The complexity of handling numerous campaigns, events, and digital content, coupled with the need to collaborate with various departments, resulted in bottlenecks and delays. There was a critical need for a solution that could unify the team, provide real-time project visibility, and streamline workflows. 

Solution for Marketing team

In 2017, Ara turned to ProWorkflow to overhaul its project management approach. The platform was chosen for its comprehensive feature set, including robust task management, full project visibility, and user-friendly interface. ProWorkflow’s ability to customize and scale made it an ideal fit for the diverse needs of Ara’s marketing team.



The adoption of ProWorkflow was strategic and phased, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing projects. Initial training sessions and ongoing support facilitated a smooth transition for the team. Key features such as Gantt charts, time tracking, and real-time reporting were leveraged to optimize project planning and execution. 

Time Estimation and Tracking


  • Improved Productivity: The marketing team experienced a significant boost in productivity, with projects being completed on average 20% faster. ProWorkflow’s task management and time tracking features enabled more efficient use of resources and better prioritization of tasks. 
  • Enhanced Visibility: For the first time, the team gained full visibility into all projects, from initiation to completion. This transparency allowed for better decision-making, timely adjustments to project scopes, and more accurate forecasting. 
  • Streamlined Collaboration: ProWorkflow fostered a collaborative environment, breaking down silos between departments and campuses. The platform’s communication tools and shared workspaces improved coordination and reduced the need for lengthy meetings and email chains. 
  • Increased Accountability: With every task and project tracked in ProWorkflow, team members became more accountable for their contributions. This shift not only improved project outcomes but also enhanced team morale and engagement. 


The implementation of ProWorkflow at Ara Institute of Canterbury is a testament to how the right project management tool can revolutionize workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive productivity. Today, Ara’s marketing team is more agile, transparent, and effective.